Cordova AdMob – fixing

When I was trying to implement AdMob banner in my app i faced a lot of difficulties. The biggest of them: Not found Let’s check how to fix it.

First of all, you should know, that this issue is related to your SDK packages that are not installed on your computer. So now all you need is just installing required packages.

Fixing for Cordova

Open the SDK Manager (it’s located in “ANDROID_HOME” folder).

This is the screenshot that I found while searching for a fix. It shows which packages you need to install in the SDK Manager:

cordova admob fix play-services-ads

I installed all except one – couldn’t find Android Support Repository in my SDK Manager. When I run my app I got another error message:

Could not find

After all, I experimented with packages and fixed this problem. This is my final list of SDK packages:


It works perfectly for me. But if you’re still facing this problem, please write me in the comments. May be I could help you.

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