Install Apache Spark

install apache spark

To install Apache Spark on your local machine you just simply need to download a package from official site. For this example chose version 1.5.1 and package type for Hadoop 2.6.

Then click on the download link (see the screenshot). We will not use HDFS, so the installation process will be very easy and should take about about a minute.

install spark - download

When download is complete, extract the archive into some folder in your system. For simplicity let’s rename extracted directory “spark-1.5.1-bin-hadoop2.6” into just “spark“.

That’s all. Really! Now you can start using Apache Spark. To check it let’s run the Spark-shell. Open the spark folder in the terminal and execute:

> ./bin/spark-shell

It should start the CLI where you can interact with Spark using Scala.

If you prefer Python language, start the shell with command

> ./bin/pyspark

and it will open a Python CLI for Spark.

In the next chapter of our Apache Spark Java Tutorial you will dive deeper into Apache Spark Shell. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate and leave them in the comment section.

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