Install Ionic

install ionic

In this lesson you will learn how to install Ionic framework – a beautiful tool for creating hybrid mobile apps using well-known HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Ionic installation consists of 2 primitive steps:

  • install Node.js (4.x version)
  • install Ionic using npm command

Ionic is a wrapper for Apache Cordova, that runs on Node.js. So you definitely need to install node first. Please use this official site to do that.

When you are done with node, proceed to the Ionic installation

Ionic installation

Open the command terminal and execute:

npm install -g cordova ionic

This will install all needed files on your system. The terminal output will result in something like this:

install ionic output

That’s all.

To check the success of installation run this command, that will show Ionic version:

ionic info

In the next lesson we will create a Hello World Ionic project.

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