Install JHipster

jhipster installJHipster is a tool for generating a modern web application using robust stack of java technologies. It includes Spring Boot and AngularJS as main parts for creating back-end and front-end. In this article we will install JHipster and generate a default application.


JHipster works on top of node.js. To install JHipster you first need to install node and corresponding packages. Of course you need Java previously installed on your local computer. You may also need to install Java build systems like Maven or Gradle and a version control system – git.

Install Java part

  1. Install Java from official site
  2. Install Maven
  3. Install Git

Install Node.js part

  1. Install node.js and npm from official site
  2. Install Yeoman package (on Linux you may need to use sudo to run following command):
    npm install -g yo
  3. Install Bower: 
    npm install -g bower
  4. Install Grunt: 
    npm install -g grunt-cli

When you have finished this you can proceed with installing JHipster generator.

Install JHipster

The generator-jhipster is also an npm module. To install JHipster you simply need to run the following command:

npm install -g generator-jhipster

Generate a simple project

Create a new folder for your project:

mkdir /jhipster-first
cd /jhipster-first

Run the generation process:

yo jhipster

Then jHipster will ask you to enter 15 step-by-step parameters for your project. You will be able to choose the build tool, project database and other options. When it ends just execute maven command:


When the build ends you can see the application running on http://localhost:8080.

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2 years 2 months ago

Excelente, exactamente lo necesario para empezar a usarlo. GRACIAS!

2 years 13 days ago

¿Y pudiste instalar todo bien?? si me puedes orientar por favor. Gracias!!