Ionic template types

ionic template types

Let’s look through template types for Ionic projects. There are 3 of them: blank, tabs and sidemenu.

As far as you can see from the previous post, Ionic provides the start command to generate a stub-project using on of 3 templates. It is extremely useful when your starting from scratch or just checking out Ionic framework.

Ionic templates list

Now let’s dive a little bit deeper into template types. The first one is used to create an empty view.

1. Blank template

It seems like this one does not need further explanation. To use this type run:

ionic start appName blank

And this is how it looks like:

ionic blank template

2. Tabs template

Tabs is the default template type for start command.

ionic start appName tabs

The generated app will have a header and a tabs bar. This is the skeleton for this type:

ionic tabs template

3. Sidemenu

Sidemenu is a template with header and swipe menu on the left side. This approach is widely used among various application all over the world.

ionic start appName sidemenu

This is the example:

ionic sidemenu template

That’s all Ionic templates existing at this moment. I think you’ll rarely use the blank-one, so go on and chose one of the other two.

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