Security as a Service providers

security as a service providersOn of modern service models nowadays is the Security-as-a-Service. This is a set of activities that provide minimizing of security threats for your business. We have here a list of six Security as a Service providers.

What do they do? They literally “find a needle in a haystack”. A haystack represents all your system data and network events. A needle is a security gap that can be invisible or extremely hard to determine.

1. ClearScies Security

ClearSkies distribute its own SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) system that collects, analyzes and correlate logs from your systems and applications. It also provides configurable dashboards representing network issues at any time. ClearSkies SIEM helps you understand a potential threat behind each event.

2. Alert Logic

Alert logic offers the suit of solutions to protect apps and network. It contains the vulnerability management system, network threat detection, web application security (firewall), log analytics and correlation.

3. Trend Micro

Trend Micro is security provider that offers cloud-hosted security. Beside typical log-inspection, firewalls, threats detection and monitoring it has some advanced features like email security (continuous spam, malware, phishing protection with help of email encryption), worry-free services and cloud-app security.

4. Masergy

Magestry also provides security audits and testing, executes risk management calculations. It distributes fully managed premise-based and cloud-based firewalls integrated with UES. It has the unified enterprise security service that includes machine learning algorithms, big data computations and continuous monitoring.

5. McAfee Security-as-a-Service provider

McAfee developed a suit that has all needed benefits from Security-as-a-Service model. It enhances email, web and network protection. McAfee executes real-time updates and does not cause user interruption. It does not require a comprehensive administration since MacAfee SaaS is responsible of a major part of management in its own infrastructure.

6. Bitdefender (for AWS)

Bitdefender is a SecaaS for Amazon Web Services. It deeply integrates with Amazon instances and allows customers to offload malware impact in many ways. Bitdefender supports pay-as-you-grow licensing that allows to maximize costs efficiency of security services.

It was a list of Security-as-a-Service providers. Of course we described just a part of them, but now you can consider what such providers can offer and what can you expect of such services.

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