Selenium Java guide

Selenium Java GuideSelenium is a must-have tool for a test automation engineer. It provides an API for interacting with web-pages of user interface that can fully simulate user’s behavior.

Selenium helps a lot with regression testing coverage. Regression is a hard daily routine for testing engineers, especially in big enterprise projects with a huge amount of features and test-cases. Since Selenium uses minimal time for page actions like navigating, clicking, scrolling and so on, it is extremely efficient comparing to manual regression testing.

When you run a Selenium test case it fires up a new browser window for executing test scenarios. You can use Firefox, Chrome or IE drivers depending on your needs (or use them all for cross-browser compliance testing).

In this Selenium Java Guide you will learn the basics of Selenium API, including WebDriver functionality and Page Object pattern implementation. Also, you can find the troubleshooting section with common errors.

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Troubleshooting guide