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keyboard skillsDo you remember when was the last time you used a pen? This world is getting more and more computerized. A lot of things we do are closely relied on your mouse and keyboard.

Now we use computers in a lot of our everyday activities. Our work, communication and some parts of entertainment couple years ago migrated into digital realm. In all these spheres it’s all about informational exchange. Every day we spread our data across the internet. There we share our thoughts with friends, create reports or presentations at work, listen music. Bits and bytes interact in both ways. But in this article we will talk only about you creating data.

Our main tool for creating data in the text format is a keyboard. Since it has become so important device, our productivity depends a lot on skills of working with it. Someone may assume that such skill is not a major factor for being successful. But if you work a lot with keyboard (like writing, programming and translating) – imagine how much time will you save if your typing speed will be twice faster. This guide will show you how to simply do that in just one month of short everyday exercises.

The speed of typing is limited by standard human abilities at the mark of 600-700 characters per minute. But still this number (10 characters per second) is impressive. It is only possible when using “blind” typing with all 10 fingers involved. To start with you will need some time to overcome your previous habits.

Now your every finger is responsible for only one zone of keyboard. Put your hands on it and try to feel the tiny plastic marks on letters “F” and “J” with your index fingers of both hands. Now you know their role – this is where your hands should be placed while typing.

improve typing skills

Practice your typing skills

Since you know zones for each finger, try typing some text using this methodology. There is a lot of good services that helps you with that. I’ll describe just two:

They will help you learn the blind typing in an easy way.

If it is extremely hard for you to switch to the blind typing try the Ratatype.com tutorial. It will adapt you to remember all zones.

Increase typing speed

Now when you don’t look at keyboard while typing, use the Klava.org “English training” exercise. Set it to 5 minutes and consider the average speed at the end of the drill at the top right. You should pass this exercise for 2-3 times every day for one month. It takes only 5 minutes each time, so don’t hesitate.

At first don’t concentrate on speed. Because on early stages you will struggle with accuracy a lot. Remember, it will be easier in next couple days.

I would like to share my own experience. I started from 110 characters per minute and in the end of the week it was about 130. This is how my progress looked like:

Week Speed Error percentage
1 110 – 130 10%
2 150 – 160 8%
3 160 – 170 7-8%
4 170 – 180 6-7%

I decided to stop at the mark of 200 words per minute, but you can continue and overtake. You will see how much more independent have you become when you type without looking at keyboard. Find a couple 5-minute breaks everyday to practice.

By the way, this article was written using “blind” typing technique.

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