Unity Ads experience. Week 1 – First views and revenue

unity ads first views and revenue

This is the second article of Unity Ads experience section. In the first one I described initial impressions of integrating Unity Ads and now I’m going to tell about first updates in statistics.

1. First numbers in statistics

And this is the point of confusion…

Here I found a wierd spot in Unity Ads. Their statistics are pretty inconsistent. They officialy say that “view stats appear and update quicker than revenue stats“. And what’s more important: “We recommend to wait for about 7 days and 5000 video completions before gauging the success of your published game ID.

Real numbers:

Here are my results for the 3rd day of using Unity Ads:

unity ads first stats 3rd day

As you can see, revenue is calculated only for 1 county.

And results for the 7th day of using:

unity ads first stats 7th day

I finally got an update in revenue on the 7th day. But! It’s not displayed in the 2nd table (below).

2. Only full video ad completions make revenue.

I wrote to the support team (and got pretty quick replies, by the way) to clarify what exactly am I paid for – ad shows, ad completions or installs. And here is a reply:

Revenue is generated based on the quality your users and the impressions you are showing. There’s no “one unified way” of pre-calculating the revenue generated by your game as we run different types of campaigns with different billing points based on completed views, clicks, and installs.

As a result, you are not paid for skipped ads. That’s strange that they allow us to make ads skippable – it is made only in UX purposes.

Only videos that finish playing are monetized, so it’s important to incentivize players to watch the entire video. The best implementations offer boosts before a level, in-game currency, and consumable items that they can acquire occasionally.

Unfortunately, it will take a long time, before I’ll receive 5000 ad views in my game, but I’ll continue to write weekly updates and observations while using Unity ads. So see you in week 2 report.

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5 Comments on "Unity Ads experience. Week 1 – First views and revenue"

5 years 4 months ago

Great info. This saved me from days of testing and waiting with hope for a few cents. And I wonder how Crossy Road made 3m$ with Unity Ads. At their time Unity Ads was new and fillrates should be very low. Their conference talks and ect, the whole show was for marketing Unity Ads?

5 years 4 months ago

Очень странно, что в России просмотров больше чем в Украине, но прибыль только с Украины

Tu Phan
5 years 4 months ago

I just integrate Unity ads in my game. How about your game ?