Unity Ads experience. Week 1 – First revenue, user’s motivation

unity ads user motivation

I’ve just created a new Unity game that is going to be more serious than my previous ones. And I hope that this time I could get more from Unity Ads.

So my new app is a math game with elements of a fighting challenge. It has an in-app currency (coins) which can be acquired by giving correct answers.

User’s motivation for watching ads by Unity

I am sure you already know, that Unity pays only for video ads that were watched completely. So there’s no sense of using closable ads. Actually, Unity recommends to use their ads as an action which will give user a reward for completion.

In my game I used Unity Ads for providing rewarded videos, when user gets 50 coins for watching. And it resulted to some numbers after the 1st week after release.

unity ads watch ad

First week revenue with Unity Ads

So, when 1st week came to an end, I got almost 500 downloads. It resulted in 97 ad starts and $0.75 revenue:

unity ads week 1 math

While audience will grow (I hope so), I will post updated of stats.

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