Unity Image fill amount for a Health Bar

Today let’s talk about such property as fillAmount for Image objects in Unity3D.

There’s a pretty common case of UI in video games – a health bar. It often looks like a stripe filled with some color or gradient.

healthbar unity fillamount healthbar Image fill amount

The algorithm of a health bar is easy. All you need to have is:

  • container – the object that should be filled
  • the bar image – the object that change its size according to a health amount

Using the fillAmount to implement a health-bar image in Unity

Unity by itself contains a feature to control the level of a health bar. Select the health image in Unity editor and set a property Image Type to Filled.

Then choose the Fill Method. In our case it should be Horizontal.


And now you can interact with the health bar using an API. Don’t forget to import UnityEngine.UI package in the code.

Image playerHealth;
void Start () {
	playerHealth = GameObject.Find("PlayerHealth").GetComponent<Image> ();

void Update () {
	playerHealth.fillAmount = player.health / 100f;

The code above will keep the health bar in the actual condition. When you decrease player’s health it would take effect to a health image.

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