Unity3d components

Unity3d is a popular engine for digital games that is widely spread among game developers. One of its primary benefits is cross-platform approach. Every game you create can be converted to PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and 16 other platforms.

what is unity3d engine

Unity3d has a bunch of features that make game development really ease. Among them: phisycs, animations, effects, ui elements, 2D-complience and other.

Unity3d editor

Unity provides the editor with Drag&Drop interface where game developer operates with scenes, game objects and animations. It is not really hard to understand. Spending a week in it will make you feel confident enough.

unity editor

Unity3d API

Unity provides a well-documented API in 3 programing languages:

  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • Boo

This is a basic example of Unity scipt written in C#:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class SimpleItem : MonoBehaviour {

    void Start() {

    void Update() {

Such script can be attached to any game object on the scene. Than on object initialization Start() method will be called. Update() method is called every frame.

Unity3d basic components

  • Basic Unity3d components are:
  • Scene
  • GameObject
  • Transform
  • Rigidbody2D
  • Colliders
  • Joints
  • Scripts


Scene is something that we usualy call a game level. It contains a game world with a bundle of object and game logic.


Game object is an interactive object on the scene. It can containt different attachments such as described below. The logic of GameObject behavior is places in scripts that are attached to it.


Transform  is a component that stores all the data about object’s location, rotation and size in 3-dimentional space.


Rigidbody is a component that interacts with game physics. Such objects can be affected by gravity and other forces inside the game.


Colliders are used to create objects that can collide with other colliders. There are such types of colliders:

  • CharacterController
  • BoxCollider
  • SphereCollider
  • CapsuleCollider
  • MeshCollider
  • WheelCollider
  • TerrainCollider


Joint comonents (FixedJoint and HingeJoint) are used to join 2 objects with each other using game physics.


Camera is an object that identifies the player’s point of view.


Script components are links to the programming scripts that contain game logic.

Unity3d graphics

This is the official trailer fully created with Unity3d engine:

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