Upgrade Cordova version for Google Play

upgrade cordova for google play

A lot of Cordova developers that have apps published in Google Play have received the notice that their apps use a version of Apache Cordova that contains security threats. And I was among this developers. This post is all about how to upgrade Cordova version for your Android project.

The notice says:

Your app(s) listed at the end of this email utilize a version of Apache Cordova, an open-source mobile development framework, that contains one or more security vulnerabilities.
Please migrate your app(s) to Apache Cordova v.4.1.1 or higher as soon as possible

The upgrading process is very simple. You just need to install the latest version of Cordova and to update Cordova for your project’s platform (Android).

Upgrade Cordova version for Android

When you have the latest version on your computer, just execute:

cordova platform update android

This command will do all the magic of upgrading. In the end you should see the output like this:

Updating android project...
Android project updated with cordova-android@5.1.1

And that’s it! Now you can release your project and update it in the Google Play.

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