What is HTTP?

What is HTTP? HTTP comes from Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. This is a set of communication rules between your browser and internet server somewhere around the world. It all happens inside the Web and you cannot observe these rules.


As you may know, the Web consists of Hyper Text Pages made by using HTML – language. Typing the address of your favorite Web-page in the address bar of your browser, you actually request for a certain HTML – file on a server. So, to send correct request to a server for HTML – file (desirable Web-page) and receive proper respond (Web-page you can observe on a screen), we need to use HTTP.

So, how to make correct request for the page in the Web?
The only thing you have to do is to type «http:// » at the beginning of the address bar of your browser. The end request will look like « http://www.myfavoritepage.com/index.html». That is the signal to a server that this browser is looking for HTLM-page on terms of HTTP and waiting for respective answer. There can be two ways, server will respond:
– it finds requested HTML-page and send that to your browser, so can see “Myfavoritepage” web-site on your screen.
– server returns an error message (like well-known “404 Not Found”, “403 Forbidden” or “500 Internal Server Error”).

You can notice that some sites have «https://» instead of «http://» in the address bar. But that is just our good old HTTP with more secure options. It is very important protocol that encrypts personal data like login, password, credit card details.

There are also many other protocols in the Web, like FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or IMAP / POP3 (for e-mails) and many more. Each of them is designed for transferring a certain type of data through the Web and HTTP is just one of them, but the very basic one.


by Alexandr Tereshkov

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