Cloud computing has become a widespread term since recently, although this technology started to develop in 2006. But what is cloud computing?
Cloud-part of this term designates the Internet itself (Internet was displayed as a cloud in technical schemas), because the back-end of cloud computations is always hidden from the user, but he still can successfully interact with the cloud. The main purpose of cloud computing is delivering of remote configurable computing resources to the user.

There are a few fundamental principles of cloud computing listed below.

Constant internet access. Provided with constant internet connection you will always have an access to your programs or data from all corners of the world, 24/7

Software. On the one hand, using the cloud allows you to save money on the purchasing of licensed software. On the other hand some problems with configuration and installation of the software you need could occur.

Security and reliability. Cloud services provide their clients with significantly high level of safety. But once a hacker manages to get an access to such service the effect will be opposite. So the user will lose all his data immediately.

Using cloud providers’ services, you pay only for the actual time of their computational capability utilization to the extent required. Nowadays cloud computing is growing rapidly being one of the most promising areas of web technologies.

People use cloud because of:

  • unlimited storage and scalability
  • possibility to backup their data whenever it’s needed
  • automatic software integration
  • quick deployment
  • cost efficiency

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