What is Data as a Service? DaaS is a model of distributing services when provider takes care of all data related flows. It helps to reduce the cost of observing and gathering of huge amounts of information.

Different DaaS distributors can offer various features. Let’s summarize them in a list.


DaaS captures data from different sources. Actually, this feature provides many other consequences.

clients-iconClient knowledge. After scanning such sources like social media, news, blogs and other websites DaaS can help you understand your client needs. When you know who your customers are, what they buy, what problems do they face, you can turn your business into the right direction. DaaS points you to trend lines and helps you tracking customer satisfaction and sales impact.

DaaS can scan call-center records, forums and surveys to detect quality issues and improve customer service experience.Social Media icon

Also DaaS considers topics and themes in social media. It is helpful for define the image of your brand and product issues. Having such feature allows you to keep an eye on the social part and respond your clients.

what is data as a service - validation logoData validation is one of DaaS features that implement the management of user-specific data such as emails, phone numbers and addresses. It deals with verifications services to check the data. This validation helps you improve your relationship with customer, minimizing the loose of customer satisfaction in case of invalid data issues.


Primary examples of DaaS: Informatica DaaSOracle DaaS.

So, what is Data as a Service? It is a service model that finds unstructured information from social data and all possible resources and transforms it into insights. It helps your business to better understand your clients and gives you very useful social analytics. You can save a huge amount of costs by using existing powerful tools for data gathering and processing.

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