HaaS (Hardware-as-a-Service) is a model of service when supplier provides the environment and further support to a client.

Why does someone need it? HaaS allows customers to get the environment infrastructure in a very simple way. Now client does not need to buy and install the whole system. You just tell what you need and provider delivers it in two possible ways: remotely or on site. You can have network, storage or workstation devices on demand.

The main goal of Hardware-as-a-Service is to take care of customers needs in technologies. HaaS providers execute all deployment, support and updating. This model helps you to start business in the minimal period of time and results in cost-efficiency.


  • Costs efficiency
  • Always newest technologies
  • Excellent maintenance
  • Usually better hardware security than provided by own personnel
  • Scalability – your environment grows up with you enterprise.

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