Sandbox is a virtual machine image that has already installed Hortonworks Data Platform. Its main purpose is to showcase common tools and frameworks of Big Data world.

In its HUE (Hadoop User Experience) interface you can load data sets into HDFS and manipulate with it using Pig and Hive. It’s one of the easiest way to become familiar with Hadoop and it’s ecosystem. Sandbox is an analog of Cloudera QuickStart VM.

To use Hortonworks Sandbox you need to download a VM image from official site and install it on your virtualization tool (In this guide we will use VirtualBox) using this simple guide.

When Sandbox VM is up and running you can go to in your browser and checkout its web-page.

Also you should be able to see HUE web-UI by reaching

Hortonworks Data Platform distributes its own Apache-licensed web-application to control your cluster. It is called Apache Ambari and you can see it on We have a more detailed article about Ambari. It explains all essentials of using this product. Don’t hesitate to check it out.

Now you know what is Hortonworks Sandbox. If you want to test some Big Data frameworks, go ahead and do it. For instance, HUE interface allows you to execute Hive queries and Pig scripts a web-editor.  This virtual machine is a great step in learning Big Data. People usually don’t think that such knowledge can come in easy way.

The main difficulties are the resource requirements. Your computer should have at least 8 GB of RAM. Otherwise working with virtual machines will be dramatically slow.

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