Since cloud computing became a trending buzzword we know such models of services like SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. But now we’ve got more specific ones. They are Data as a Service and Security as a Service. What is Security as a service? We’ll explain it in this short article.

Enterprise business grows constantly and it causes overgrowth of technological infrastructures. Now we have huge data flows and a lot of information to store. It also means that there are a lot of possible security gaps which can cause horrible effects for corporations. Hackers and web criminals are developing every day. Their tools are becoming more powerful. This people can find a gap in a huge amount of systems.

Security as a Service is a business model in which providers take control of security. They do analytics, provide audits of security compliance and generate reports. The main mechanism of it is the continuous events and logs checkup. Such verification could detect suspicious behavior and possible security threats.

This type of cloud service model exists because the information it proceeds is too dispersed and too difficult to gather. Just imagine the diapason of work directed to scan millions and billions of logging records.

Primary benefits of using this model are:

  • cost efficiency for determining security threats
  • professional security expertise
  • interface with reports, analytics, etc.
  • virus detection.

Thanks for your attention. Now you know what is Security-as-a-Service. If your buisness has grown up, security is something you must have. If you are still growing, providers offer agile plans, so your payment will be scalable.

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